Comparing the Top Accounting Solutions

The Journey of Choosing the Right Financial Management Solution

Your online accounting software should never hold your business back. Whether you’re looking for the first time or switching from your current solution, it’s a critical and often difficult decision process.  Below we’ll share what we uncovered in our journey, what other customers found, and how at the end of the day, Sage Intacct was the correct choice when selecting a cloud-based financial management solution.


QuickBooks Enterprise is designed for small businesses and contains advanced capabilities to incorporate accounting, payments, inventory, payroll, and many other business aspects. Sooner or later though, most growing small business runs up against the frustrating limitations of QuickBooks. It’s simply not designed to provide the professional financial management and accounting functions most small business and mid-sized needs. Unfortunately, this generally leads to over-reliance on spreadsheets, manual workarounds, and data accessibility issues – all of which can affect cash flow and operational efficiency negatively.

Whether this is all too familiar and you know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks or you’re evaluating the best online accounting software on the market, let us help you identify which solution fits both your business and industry. Find out more as we compare QuickBooks and Sage Intacct, look at trials and tribulations of real customers, and analyze what sets them apart.



NetSuite is known as the all-in-one “software suite” that includes an ERP, CRM, and accounting modules.  Sage Intacct on the other hand is known as the “best in class” cloud accounting system.  So which type of system is right for your business then?  Find out more as we review this philosophical difference and dive into other factors that will impact your decision making process.


Microsoft Dynamics

Being able to add new entities with shared accounts in minutes and the ability to manipulate your financial data in real-time is a must when it comes to a financial management solution.  It’s limitations in functionality such as this that has many organizations considering alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics GP – looking for solutions that provide information you need, faster.  Find out if Dynamics is holding you back and what other benefits you may be missing out on.



Abila MIP

When it comes to choosing a nonprofit accounting solution, Sage Intacct does it all.  Whether it’s automating reporting, point-and-click functionality, or real time visibility through dynamic dashboards, Intacct helps nonprofit CFOs achieve greater efficiency from day one.  See why other nonprofits are choosing Intacct as their true cloud system so that the right people have the right financial metric visibility from anywhere.



Xero positions itself as the online accounting alternative to QuickBooks with a focus on small businesses.  However, if you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, there’s a good chance you’ve outgrown Xero too.  See why many businesses find out that though Xero is a legitimate alternative to QuickBooks, it’s really a stepping stone to where their business truly needs to be.