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Is Sage Intacct Right for My Business?

When you choose Sage Intacct, what does this mean?

You’re partnering with a solution that the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has named its first and only preferred provider for cloud financial management since 2009. The AICPA is known to have the highest standards for financial software.

You gain a Salesforce Platinum ISV partner that works directly with Salesforce to develop, maintain and support a Salesforce-certified integration.  You’re getting the best-in-class cloud accounting solution with the best-in-class cloud CRM solution.

You work with the #1 cloud accounting software and financial management partner for customer satisfaction. Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction score for both Accounting Software and ERP Suites on G2 Crowd, a leading business software review platform. These results are based exclusively on reviews by verified users of all the top software solutions in those categories.

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Built for Finance

With Intacct, you’ll also get a software provider that’s 100% committed to serving the needs of financial professionals like you.  How do they deliver on this?  They devote every R&D dollar to delivering value.  Each quarter, there’s a new release that contains new capabilities.  This is the fastest pace of innovation in the finance software industry.  This has lead to many firsts in the industry such as the first consolidation system, the first to integrate with Salesforce, and the first professional financial management system.


As your business evolves, so should your ERP software.  You don’t want to have to find/allocate IT resources to custom code, QA, and release new versions any time you need something new or your business changes.  With easy point-and-click configuration, setup your software how YOU want it.


Join the thousands of customers that trust Sage Intacct for consistent, reliable, and innovative financial management solutions to drive their business.

Built for Growth

With more efficiency and better insights, Intacct allows you to take the strategic position of driving business growth, rather than just coping with it.  This is done through automation of basic to complex accounting processes so that productivity is increased without the need to hire additional resources. It can easily handle your business’s growing numbers of users, customers, transactions, or entities.


The key to understanding your organization, and business growth for that matter, is information provided in real-time so that you can make the right decisions quickly. This is achieved by having one place that provides a full view of your business and operational metrics from any angle, any configuration that’s needed to assist with decision-making.


In addition to real-time visibility, the Intacct accounting system enables you to scale up without additional resources to your finance team by adapting to YOUR needs, connecting with other business solutions, and automating/streamlining accounting processes. Efficiency is key, which is why Intacct can be accessed on any device, any time. Even as your team grows and your business requirements evolve, its multi-entity architecture will support automation of those pesky processes that become much more complex as you scale. You can feel at ease when adding more users, customers, transactions, and locations.

Built for the Cloud

Lower costs, more security, and unlimited productivity, a modern cloud accounting solution like Intacct is exactly the advantage your business needs.  Intacct was built from the ground up to be the best cloud accounting software, not an on-premise solution transformed into a cloud product or one that had cloud capabilities added on as an afterthought/secondary component.  This means you get a robust technology infrastructure for your business without the high costs, maintenance, or complexity that you typically see with an on-premises solution. It also means it offers you a lower TCO vs. traditional on-premises solutions, and was specifically made to grow with your business.


Cloud-based automated accounting allows for unlimited growth and scale by streamlining your critical financial management processes, reduces the need for spreadsheets or introductory software such as QuickBooks, and provides you the real-time visibility need to drive your decision-making processes. And you get all of this without the costly coding and scripting. You can automate the tedious day-to-day processes like invoices, expenses, payments, and other transactions so you can focus on running your business better.


We all have our favorite business applications, so integrating with them seamlessly is critical. This is why Intacct has a whole world of APIs so that you can do just that!  Did you know that 75% of our customers connect Intacct with two or more of their favorite business applications? It really is that easy!


Ultimately, you’re getting a greater ROI with best-in-class cloud accounting software. The automatic quarterly upgrades are touch-free. No more disruptions or costly projects where you need custom development. Hardware and IT management around this can be eliminated. And if you were still worried, Intacct provides world-class security, backups, and disaster recovery so all your financial information is protected. To think, this is all capable, easier, and at a much lower cost because it’s on the cloud.

Built for Success

When Intacct says they are “customer centric”, it’s not just a marketing/sales pitch, it’s their business model. Just like at Status Not Quo, they understand that you are making a choice and that your loyalty needs to be earned every day – not taken for granted. With this mindset and the assistance of finance professionals, customers average a 250% ROI and an averaged payback of 6-months when switching to Intacct! This is just one of the many reasons why Intacct receives the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.


Success is often measured by a product’s tools, features, and ability to perform tasks with said tools efficiently that result in a ROI.  While this is true, your product can offer everything under the sun but if it isn’t reliable, it doesn’t matter what it can do. With Intacct, you get a Buy with Confidence guarantee. That means they promise 99.8% system availability, robust disaster recovery, and rapid support response time. Not only will your product be available nearly all the time, in the beyond rare chance it isn’t, someone is there for you and everything is protected/backed up.


Besides their connection with the AICPA, whose top-of-the-line standards promote success, you’ll also see that Intacct has employees and partners, like us, with deep finance expertise. This expertise runs deep, including engineering, marketing, sales, services, and support.  We can also tell you firsthand, as a partner of Intacct’s, their employees are out of this world – both kind and knowledgeable. When you partner with them, you, too, will see how their vision of success goes beyond just delivering a best-in-class product.

Custom Programming

On Time

On Budget



Trusted Expertise

Why Status Not Quo as your Sage Intacct VAR Partner?

As we went through the accounting software evaluation for ourselves, we quickly understood both how critical it was to choose the right solution for our business and with so many options out there claiming the “we’re number 1” title, it was not going to be an easy choice.  In the process, we also discovered what separates us from the rest of the Value Added Reseller’s (VARs) out there: experience, commitment, and strategic technical expertise.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Management
  • Collaborate
  • General Ledger
  • Order Management
  • Purchasing
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Contract & Subscription Billing
  • Contract Revenue Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Entity Consolidations
  • Project Accounting
  • Project Billing
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Time & Expense Management
  • Vendor Payment Services

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