Turnkey solutions for commerce-based 3PL fulfillment

Vision Consumer Products Fulfillment

Providing customer value throughout the logistics chain

Vision Consumer Products Fulfillment (Vision CPF) provides turnkey solutions for commerce-based 3PL fulfillment in support of Merchandisers, E-Commerce, Catalog and Direct Response companies.  Vision CPF takes something that is simple at its core, shipping and warehousing, and brings an entire ecosystem of capabilities aimed at providing customer value throughout the logistics chain.  How do they reach people organically through their web searches?  Soup to nuts tools at Vision include integrated shopping cart, payment gateway with real-time credit card authorization, transportation management, complete order processing, and fulfillment warehousing. These services are provided for programs from one to thousands of SKU’s and order volumes from fifty to tens of thousands daily.

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The Challenge

One of SNQ’s long term clients, Vision Media Management, had decided to individually brand one of their strategic business units – Vision Consumer Products Fulfillment.  The challenge was how to differentiate the business unit from the parent, while driving new sales and supporting customer retention – all in a way that still made sense with the overall corporate strategy.  Many companies that are built upon a Business to Business (B2B) model face the challenge of how to strategically use digital marketing to drive sales.  Worse can be determining how to enhance and measure existing customer retention.  Last, and worse yet is doing it in a market that is primarily commodity driven.  Typical questions include:

“How to craft a web strategy that supports both traditional desktop as well as mobile?

“How to measure results objectively, rather than relying on soft indicators?

“How do you differentiate your company compared to your competitors?

The Solution

Step 1 – build a fully responsive website that highlights not just the services provided, but also focuses on all the competitive differentiators offered.

Step 2 – using SNQ’s proprietary authority development strategy across the entire digital marketing ecosystem, the new website’s authority was developed from nothing to an industry leadership position – thus nailing the organic SEO challenge.

The Results

Inside of three months, the Vision CPF site hit Page 1, spot #1 for their primary keyword, and then continued to grow in its influence by appearing in five additional page one spots.  The Vision CPF website saw a substantial increase in the number of sessions, number of users, number of unique page views, and very importantly, the average time on page.

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