Enriching communities by making small business dreams a reality


Real money. Real people. Creating real jobs.

The Valley Economic Development Corporation (VEDC)’s vision is to enrich communities by making small business dreams a reality – accomplished by creating and sustaining jobs and business in their communities by providing high-quality small business development services.  VEDC and SNQ align as we both stand behind our local economies and people.  Kindred spirits who are passionate about developing people personally and professionally, passionate about volunteering and serving, and passionate about getting business done.  VEDC is all about helping others do real business.  They needed a website that was all about action – the Call to Action.  In addition, they needed a website that while being dynamic, was also easy to maintain through the use of a robust Content Management System (CMS).


The Challenge

How do you make small business lending and support services “personal”?  How do you drive a visitor to a specific course of action in a clear and succinct manner, when you have so much valuable information to share?  In addition, how to give each VEDC office or territory its own unique “voice”?

The Solution

VEDC and SNQ began a journey to redesign both the primary VEDC website (vedc.org) as well as VEDC’s micro lending division website (microloan.org), based on the rock solid CMS foundation provided by Kentico CMS (Kentico.com).  Kentico has been successfully used in over 160,000 websites in 90 countries.

Kentico provided the ability for SNQ to not only build a dynamic site that is easily maintainable by a user who has no programming ability whatsoever, but also a site that put no limitations on the creative and technical vision driving it.  One small example of this is the Call to Action bar, consistently presented throughout the site.  The call to action bar provides various calls to action in one easy place – phone number; pre-qualification widget; ability to refer a client; and of course the ability to request more information.  This call to action bar also locks at the top of the screen when the user scrolls, so it is always easy to locate.

Kentico also provided the ability for each region to present its own unique message and voice – providing a personal and community oriented connection, rather than a one size fits all corporate message.

The Results

Both the VEDC and Microloan websites speak to the community, in a local voice, while still providing a clear call to action that provides value and help to their customers.

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