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Creating transparency and ease-of-use through discovery

With a website in need, the Port and SNQ embarked on a strategic and in-depth discovery process. The result? A newly designed, mobile responsive website that offers users an engaging, intuitive experience, and streamlined access to information about Port operations and initiatives.

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The Challenge

Starting with a 5000+ page website and consolidating it to half that size isn’t easy. Not to mention transforming it to be mobile responsive while ensuring it provides quick/easy access to key information and maintains their ongoing commitment to transparency. The Port’s website is unique in that it’s just as much a tool for stakeholders as it’s to the public. It serves as a reference tool for people all over the world to find reliable, accurate information. Finding the right mix of quality over quantity content and developing the means to locate this information anytime, anywhere, and fast was integral to success.

The Result

To meet this challenge, we created a unique/extensive discovery process around both stakeholders and public users. This revealed that over 80% of all site traffic and engagement fell within one of 14 categories. Thus, a new mobile website was crafted/launched not only around the Port’s three primary business pillars of Business, Community, and Environment, but based on what the end user needed.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Analytics are critical as they provide insight into what users are doing and not doing. The key metrics to follow are directly tied to both the strategy and accompanied actions taken to implement it – comparing the previous two months before launch to the two months post launch:


  • Unique Pageviews increased by 34.26%
  • Bounce Rate decreased by 13.63%
  • New Users increased by 9.35%
  • Avg. Session Duration increased by 20.38%


  • Bounce Rate decreased by 12.58%
  • New Users increased by 10.01%
  • Avg. Session Duration increased by 9.40%


  • Avg. Page Load Time decreased by 52.37%
  • Avg. Server Connection Time decreased by
  • Avg. Page Download Time decreased by 48.48%

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    Rachel Campbell

    Media Relations Manager

    Quote IconThe Port’s website serves as a reference tool for people all over the world to find reliable, accurate information. From the new quick search function to enhanced global search engine technology to mobile responsiveness, we’ve created an engaging site that can be used anytime, anywhere.