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Single Mother's Outreach

Empowering single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources

Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) empowers single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources so that families can become self-sustaining and thrive.  SMO connects single parents to vital community resources and provides emergency stabilization for families who are in real danger of losing everything.  SMO provides families with donated food, emergency housing referrals, donated clothing, school book subsidies for children, free backpacks filled with school supplies, and critical social service resources for parents struggling with basic living skills or mental illness.  SMO provides Training Programs to facilitate low-income parents getting a job, stopping a financial free-fall, and attaining the life skills necessary to raise their families alone.  Single parenting is challenging at best, so they provide a variety of rewards to families who are on a path to independence along with incentives to parents who need encouragement to move forward.

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The Challenge

Outreach for SMO is about connecting with people in need, and then staying connected to them.  How to track all of the families in need in an organization staffed by both full time team members and by volunteers, and do it on a shoe string budget?  Many would think that modern tools and technology would always be out of reach.

The Solution

One of the blessings in a world of challenges for non-profits is  Salesforce has a passion for philanthropy.  Through their Power of Us program, Salesforce gives Non-profit organizations and Higher Ed institutions access to Salesforce products and resources to help expand their collective impact.  The Power of Us Program includes 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products and/or services from Salesforce.


Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model has always been an inspiration for SNQ.  Salesforce donates and advocates building a culture of giving back – 1% of time, profit, and profit.  SMO has always been near and dear to our hearts, so it has been our honor to support them with our donated time and expertise.

The Results

SMO continues to grow their reach based on the data management provided by

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