To perfect the visual experience on every screen and every device around the world


RealD is to 3D, as Dolby is to sound

With innovation at their core, RealD’s mission is to perfect the visual experience on every screen and every device around the world. RealD’s mission is their passion – passion for innovative display technologies that unleash the power of moving images and the incredible stories they tell.  RealD wanted their global web presence to explore new territory in web user experience – a new way to present the world of 3D technology without boundaries.  They wanted a new site design that was a discovery experience for their users.  Something different.  Embracing mobile web browsing.  With a relationship spanning almost eight years, RealD and SNQ dove into the project with the excitement and confidence that has always been the basis for our partnership.

RealD Logo

The Challenge

Safe is risky.  SNQ knows this, and thus understood the direction in which RealD wanted their new website to move.  However, the challenge is that presenting marketing information in a completely new way always runs the risk of making the website ineffective and confusing to users.  How could we balance the artistic dimension of presenting the world of 3D, while still communicating the rich decade long history of innovation by RealD?

The Solution

Create a modular site which begins with a Mobile First design, but looks just as stunning on a 27” high resolution desktop monitor.  Build the site in a way that new content is always easily being introduced, and can be implemented and maintained quickly via a new Content Management System (CMS), specifically created to fit their type of information – new technologies, new cinema movie releases, press releases, innovations, and stories of how 3D is changing the world.

The Results

RealD’s site redefines the web user experience.  Nowhere will you find a boring page template, or even the wide, long scrolling, and parallaxing design that has taken over the Interwebs.  The new site design is discovery based, mobile to the core, and made for their intelligent audiences.

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