Developing functional, productive, and beautiful workplace environments

Interior Office Solutions

Creative yet functional solutions to meet both aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Interior Office Solutions (IOS) specializes in developing functional, productive, and beautiful workplace environments tailored to each client’s unique requirements.  As a member of Haworth’s Preferred Dealer network, they are focused on finding the best product solutions and delivering superior value.  IOS is all about transforming their industry into a one-stop-shop through an innovative approach to design, industry solutions, and creative yet functional solutions to meet both aesthetic and budgetary requirements.  Sustainability is also critical to IOS.  They were proud to be the first contract furniture dealership in California to have made a substantial investment into the sustainability movement by building a beautiful, LEED-CI certified showroom in Irvine, California.  The state of the art showroom is a perfect example of a sustainable workspace, showcasing high design and functionality.  We hold true to the philosophy that “Green” building is no longer just a matter of common sense, but is a matter of corporate responsibility.

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The Challenge

IOS has the challenge of crafting a strategy to expand the offering and industry influence further up the product research and decision chain.  They work in a space with designers, facility managers, commercial real estate brokers, project managers, product manufacturers, corporate executives, and even other dealerships.  How do you bring the value of IOS to other stakeholders, rather than simply being a supplier at the end of the chain?

The Solution

This was another perfect blending of business acumen and digital marketing expertise, based on a foundation of technology.  SNQ has worked with IOS (and continues to do so) to craft a digital marketing strategy that addresses strategy goals; customer engagement strategy (the who, the what, and the how), and finally how to execute the vision through their website, social media scheduling and execution, and of course measurement.  The strategy was very focused on engagement with the stakeholders, and how IOS can extend their presence further along the value chain.  A methodology was created to research and define the persona for each stakeholder, as well as how that stakeholder’s buying cycle is influenced within their daily lives.

The Results

IOS is taking leaps forward in their strategy, and the execution of building a new website and a digital marketing execution plan that expands the IOS value into every segment of the industry’s research and buying cycle.

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