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What's Your Bike Worth? is the first of its kind valuation authority, designed to provide bicycle enthusiasts with an accurate and easy way to assess the value of a bicycle.  As devoted bicycle experts and members of the community, is committed to making sure that the online bicycling experience is a complete success.  From the time a consumer begins looking for a potential bicycle, including the ability to trade in their old bicycle towards the purchase of a new one, to the time they’re ready to purchase, how do you create a one-stop online bicycling experience that includes all of this?  Oh, and not to mention it needs to be safe, secure, intuitive, and usable on any device?  Insert Status Not Quo and their custom programming ability to help make this vision a reality.

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The Challenge

Used bicycle valuation – how do you take something that is such a personal item, influenced by a myriad of circumstances and factors, and build a website that provides an objective, trusted, and comprehensive valuation for the hundreds of thousands of bicycles in our lives?  Furthermore, leveraging this used bicycle valuation as the foundation, create an online marketplace where consumers can buy and sell used bicycles and a Trade-In program where bicycle shops across the country can offer bicyclists a hassle-free way to trade in their old bicycle towards the purchase of a new one?  Oh – and make it quick, easy, simple, and accessible on all devices?

The Solution

SNQ’s design expertise combined with their business acumen made for a perfect fit with’s custom programming solutions.  Understanding that in order for to be a consumer’s one-stop shop for all things buying and selling of used bicycles, an accurate and reliable pricing model was absolutely crucial.  With that, SNQ created a Valuation Engine that could account for virtually an unlimited number of data sources, such as brand, age, type, condition, style, location, and more.  Each one of these valuation layers” would apply weighting, resulting in a used bicycle valuation that was fair, comprehensive, and dynamic through the life of a bicycle.  This custom programming solution was a critical first step, thus, established the foundation for both their online Marketplace and Trade-In Partner Programs.

Shortly after, the online Marketplace followed providing a safe and secure destination where consumers could purchase bicycles.  Consumers no longer needed to look anywhere but, as it had become a one-stop online valuation and shopping destination for the used bicycle market.

However, we weren’t done yet!  Following the continued success of the used bicycle valuation and online Marketplace, SNQ and held several discovery sessions to create a program unlike anything ever seen in the bicycling industry: the Trade-In Partner Program.  This program allows consumers to unlock the value of their used bicycle by trading it toward the purchase of a new bicycle. partnered with bicycle shops all across the country which has created a bicycle Trade-In Network that offers cyclists a hassle-free way to cash in on their used bicycle.  Even better, this process can be completed in a matter of minutes, on any device, making it easy to be out the door on their new ride immediately!

The Results’s website combines the ease of searching for and locating a used bicycle, with a trusted and objective valuation built on data – not on subjectivity.  The Valuation Engine provides consumers with a proprietary and sophisticated tool which, for the first time, levels the field for buyers and sellers.  Sellers can list their bicycle for sale knowing they’re listing it for the correct price while buyers know they’re not spending too much for their new ride.  And, for those with a bicycle they no longer have any use for, they can now trade it in and use the cash they make towards their new bicycle purchase.  With the creation of this all-in-one experience,’s revenue and web traffic continue to increase each year, not to mention, their Trade-In Partner Network now spans across all of the U.S. – each day with more shops joining and more trades taking place.

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