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The Port of Los Angeles

Sunset of Harbor

Creating transparency and ease-of-use through discovery

With a website in need, the Port and SNQ embarked on a strategic and in-depth discovery process. The result? A newly designed, mobile responsive website that offers users an engaging, intuitive experience, and streamlined access to information about Port operations and initiatives.

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Salesforce on Multiple Devices

Salesforce Implementation for Cutting Edge Medicine & Advocacy

How do you reach the hundreds of thousands of people in need of HIV/AIDS information, medicines, and care?  How do you track all of the people with whom you connect?  The answer was Salesforce.com’s Customer Relationship Management cloud based solutions.

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BBB Website on Laptop

What’s your Bike Worth?

From the time a consumer begins looking for a potential bicycle, including the ability to trade in their old bicycle towards the purchase of a new one, to the time they’re ready to purchase, how do you create a one-stop online bicycling experience that includes all of this?  Insert Status Not Quo and their custom programming ability to help make this vision a reality.

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RealD Website on Laptop

RealD is to 3D, as Dolby is to sound

RealD wanted their global web presence to explore new territory in web user experience – a new way to present the world of 3D technology without boundaries.  Something different and embracing mobile.  With a relationship spanning almost eight years, RealD and SNQ dove into the project with the excitement and confidence that has always been the basis for our partnership.

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Safe is Risky. Passion is Contagious.

Like What You See?

Whether it’s custom programming, Salesforce, or building a CMS-based website, we’ve done it all and have been successful – just ask our clients. Let’s see how we can do the same for you!

Interior Office Solutions

IOS Los Angeles Showroom

Creative, yet, functional workplace environment solutions

How do you bring the value of IOS to other stakeholders, rather than simply being a supplier at the end of the chain?  This was another perfect blending of business acumen and digital marketing expertise, based on a foundation of technology.  SNQ has worked with IOS (and continues to do so) to craft a digital marketing strategy that addresses strategy goals; customer engagement strategy, and finally how to execute the vision through their website, social media scheduling and execution, and of course measurement.

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VEDC Website on Laptop

Real money. Real people. Creating real

VEDC and SNQ align as we both stand behind our local economies and people.  Kindred spirits who are passionate about developing people personally and professionally, passionate about volunteering and serving, and passionate about getting business done.  VEDC is all about helping others do real business.  They needed a website that was all about action – the Call to Action.  In addition, they needed a website that while being dynamic, was also easy to maintain through the use of a robust Content Management System (CMS).

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Vision CPF

VCPF Website on Laptop

Providing customer value and turnkey solutions throughout the logistics

Vision CPF takes something that is simple at its core, shipping and warehousing, and brings an entire ecosystem of capabilities aimed at providing customer value throughout the logistics chain. How do they reach people organically through their web searches? By building a fully mobile responsive website and leveraging SNQ’s proprietary authority development strategy across the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

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Single Mother's Outreach

Children's Feet

Empowering single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources

Outreach for SMO is about connecting with people in need, and then staying connected to them.  How to track all of the families in need in an organization staffed by both full time team members and by volunteers, and do it on a shoe string budget?  Through their Power of Us program, Salesforce gives Non-profit organizations and Higher Ed institutions access to Salesforce products and resources to help expand their collective impact.

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