What makes for successful design and marketing for the Municipal Industry?

Why is it a challenge to find a technology partner who can navigate the unique requirements, time frames, and cultural nuances of a governmental/municipal entity, while still able to bring a private industry mindset, creative excellence, and competitive pricing and execution? Many aspects of a municipal environment and a private industry mindset are at odds. It takes a unique approach to strategy and planning to bridge the gap between the requirements and the process framework that is governmental.


Ports and harbor commissions, government finance and planning, city management, education, and more – STATUS NOT QUO has the expertise, technical management, and vision to support municipal and government projects and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Safe is Risky. Passion is Contagious.

Are you in the Municipal Industry and need a technology partner?

If you have a complex situation that needs a kick in the pants to get completed, is becoming too complicated to figure out, or you simply don’t have the resources to hire for within, give us a try.