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Business Advantages of Social Marketing

Alternative Traffic Source

There are various ways to generate traffic to your website – SEO, PPC, word of mouth, referral, the list goes on. Social is yet another way and probably the lowest cost among all of them. It’s very clear that the more people that are coming to your site, the higher the chance you have to convert them. If they’re not coming to your site, then you’re most likely not converting them. What’s even more potent about social media is that besides driving traffic to your site and increasing brand awareness, it provides you a source to collect insight from your customers. In this day and age where digital and mobile rule our worlds, why would you pass up on something that is essentially free, provides you website traffic, increases your brand awareness, and provides you critical information on your customers? Now, just think how partnering with an expert like us on this and what that would do!



Building upon the first advantage of creating traffic – that is great but what if you could generate targeted traffic? Think…you have a website selling shirts and you can find and have customers looking for shirts come to your website! That’s the beauty of social media, through categorization, branding, and specific niche social media channels, you can target the customers you want. Many of these social channels are even taking it a step further with their own advertising that allows you to get even more targeted by getting your business in front of the right age, sex, and region. As we’ve said before, why would you NOT want to take advantage of this and imagine what partnering with an expert like us could do for you!


Increase Authority

This is somewhat a specific term to marketing – authority is how much weight and expertise your business has in a specific area, topic, etc.  Other terms such as “expert” or the extremely over used term “though leader” are often used in other channels. Ultimately, your goal and what social media helps with is increasing your authoritative presence so if someone is looking for the service/product you offer, you’re the first place they go. Whether it is for information on what it is or the last step of actually buying, they understand that you’re the best source for all things whatever they need. Social media is so effective in doing this because from a user perspective, it is very personal and you can can have that one-on-one connection, thus building trust. From a more technical perspective, social media content is crawled AND indexed daily (sometimes hourly) by search engines so you’re also creating an organic search presence in the process. Now imagine, how successful you could be working with a company that specializes in this such as Status Not Quo.


Create a Community

Lastly, the icing on the cake, with social media you’re naturally creating a digital community. When done correctly, your customers (regardless of where they’re at in the buying process or if they’re even in the process) will visit your social pages, share your content with friends, family, and co-workers, like your content, and engage in meaningful conversations about your content. From posting in forums to sharing pictures, being part of a community allows your voice, along with your customers voices, to be heard which gives you the chance to separate yourself from the competition. A free community where people do nothing but chat about your business, what’s not to like!? Add into the mix a partner that understands this and even does this on a daily basis both with their own business – well you have a perfect match.


Safe is Risky. Passion is Contagious.

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