What makes for successful design and marketing for the Entertainment Industry?

Entertainment is dynamic and larger than life.  It requires a unique level of creativity, service, and excellence not found in many industries.  In many situations, the turnaround times are highly accelerated, made more difficult by the myriad of approvals needed for various brand and IP holders. Today’s entertainment executives have so many new ways to reach their audiences, and to generate buzz; however, determining the strategy with the highest coverage and conversion, based on limited information, and little turnaround time is always a challenge.

Status Not Quo has decades of success working with our studio partners in areas such as creative design, digital marketing, promotions, e-commerce stores, logistics and coordination, domain and technology IP management, and more. Let us share our expertise in knowing and thriving within this unique industry.

Safe is Risky. Passion is Contagious.

Are you in the Entertainment Industry and need a technology partner?

If you have a complex situation that needs a kick in the pants to get completed, is becoming too complicated to figure out, or you simply don’t have the resources to hire for within, give us a try.