Geographic Information System


Our GIS Services

Strategic Planning

Work with an exceptional team that develops GIS strategic plans and roadmaps for local government organizations. At Status Not Quo, we have a unique approach to implementation and management throughout your business.

Data, Data, Data

Reliable data that is created, converted, and collected is critical to any solution as we plan, design, and builds reliable GIS data.


With our vast experience, we have developed effective and practical solutions for migrating your GIS database to Esri’s Local Government Information Model (LGIM).

Knowledge and Training

It’s one thing for us to understand the ins and outs, however, it’s just as important that you do too. This is why training/knowledge transfer is integral and assists with the sustainability of your business program.

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Safe is Risky. Passion is Contagious.

Looking for a GIS Implementation?

If you have a complex situation that needs a kick in the pants to get completed, is becoming too complicated to figure out, or you simply don’t have the resources to hire for within, give us a try.