What steps do you need to take to prevent completely upending your employees’ day-to-day operations? This week, Scott and James tackle Evaluating Your Current Workflow and how to make a smooth transition to a new financial management solution.



Communicating the Change Effectively

Part of your initial implementation strategy should include talking to the employees who will be using this new technology and getting their feedback. Since they are the main users that will be affected by the software change, you need to address their concerns and make sure they feel both heard and valued.

This starts with listening. These employees are theoretically the experts in their role at your company, and therefore picking their brains can provide valuable insight as to what potential setbacks could arise during the switch. Aim to understand their job and workflow, find out what they love about the process and what they don’t like or feel could be improved. Communicating these points with your tech partner (like SNQ) will help them come up with a plan to make implementation as smooth as possible by highlighting processes and features similar to those your employees already enjoy, while also showing them how those they didn’t love are improved or changed.


Become a Champion for Change

The change has to start with you. If you want your employees to embrace the new system with open arms, you and other key management should not openly resent or question it. By understanding exactly how the switch will improve your overall workflow and results, you can communicate the desired outcome. Share exactly what’s in it for them and why you made this decision in the first place. If they know once the implementation is complete their current processes will be simplified or streamlined, they will be glad to go through the journey of learning a new system. Lead with the benefits and value, and get them excited for how much easier their jobs will become as a result.


Is Sage Intacct Right for my Business?

Whether you’re a current customer of a financial management system, or someone deciding between multiple cloud ERP platforms, making a final decision can be extremely difficult. We completely understand that making change or using something new is never easy – heck we went through it ourselves! If you’re ready to make the switch right now, or you still have a few lingering questions, we’re here to help you start the process.

But maybe you’re comfortable with your old solution, you’re questioning whether you have the resources, and even when people show you numerous reasons why you should choose one solution over another, you still have a lingering feeling of doubt. Not to worry, the answer is simple – sign up for a 30 day Intacct trial and see for yourself.  Best part, there’s no risk, no obligation, no credit card required – you get to test drive before you buy.


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