A huge responsibility of a nonprofit organization lies in the stewardship of large amounts of money. Tracking and implementing those funds with complete transparency can be a confusing, time-consuming process, but with Sage Intacct, it doesn’t have to be…



Improved Visibility for Greater Transparency

One of the responsibilities nonprofits are saddled with is complete transparency in their organization, which can take up entire days of precious time that could be dedicated to other tasks. With Sage Intacct, you start with an accounting system that provides improved visibility to make tracking funds much simpler. You are able to distinguish between donations, in-kind, fundraising, and allocation of spending to increase overall visibility.

And with Sage Intacct, you also reduce costs and red tape by taking total command of your financial management application without relying on your IT department for custom coding and changes. You have instant access to the answers you need, when you need them, with real-time reporting and operational metrics available at any time. No on-premise servers or hosting and cloud-delivered updates reduces costs and associated headcount while increasing efficiency.


Resources Built for Nonprofits

Sage Intacct provides countless resources for success, including their recent partnership with GuideStar to develop dashboards specifically for nonprofits. GuideStar is already known as an international source of information on NFPs, and their data allows you to see how yours stacks up against others in your space. That data can then be used for benchmarking to establish new practices for tracking and efficiency in your organization.

On top of that, the Sage Intacct NFP Starter Pack comes with hundreds of reports specific to industry requirements for optimal levels of transparency according to FASB and IRS compliance. No longer do you have to commit hours and manpower to creating reports according to guidelines – they’re generated for you based on your organization’s numbers with just a few clicks.


Is Sage Intacct Right for my Business?

Whether you’re a current customer of a financial management system, or someone deciding between multiple cloud ERP platforms, making a final decision can be extremely difficult. We completely understand that making change or using something new is never easy – heck we went through it ourselves! If you’re ready to make the switch right now, or you still have a few lingering questions, we’re here to help you start the process.

But maybe you’re comfortable with your old solution, you’re questioning whether you have the resources, and even when people show you numerous reasons why you should choose one solution over another, you still have a lingering feeling of doubt. Not to worry, the answer is simple – sign up for a 30 day Intacct trial and see for yourself.  Best part, there’s no risk, no obligation, no credit card required – you get to test drive before you buy.


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