If you’re still considering Xero as an option for your business as an alternative to or upgrade from Quickbooks, you may want to address your long-term financial solution needs first. Sage Intacct is designed to grow with your company and address more than just the core accounting needs you may be facing right now. Check out James and Sarah’s take on what you should be looking for in the long-term.



A Long-Term Financial Solution

Choosing a financial management solution for your business can be a large investment, but understanding exactly what you are getting for your dollar over the next 5-10 years plus can help narrow down your search. Sage Intacct was built from the cloud up, meaning it was designed with growth in mind. Xero and QuickBooks are great platforms for small businesses who do not require functionality beyond core accounting, but once your business outgrows that, limitations will become apparent quickly.

Sage’s acquisition of Intacct last year actually came after many of its accolades, including the AICPA certification and G2 Crowd ratings, and now with its international resources is a testament to the growth projection for the software solution. Just taking a look at how many companies are using Intacct as an integration point beyond its financial management capabilities shows how your investment will allow your business to grow as greater needs arise.


Marketplace Makes for Endless Growth

Many businesses we encounter end up using multiple programs in addition to their current accounting software solution to solve for some limitation. Some examples we’ve covered before include NetSuite and Dynamics. One of the features of Sage Intacct is the Marketplace, offering over 200 different integration partners that will allow the software to grow with your business.

Looking to the future of your company, are there any foreseeable pain points you can imagine associated with growth and expansion? The Marketplace is where you will find the answers to your potential growing pains down the road. Whether it’s payroll, CRM, creating expense reports, or even eCommerce, you have all the tools you need to expand without a headache. And by partnering with a tech company like SNQ, integrating these solutions is a simple process for you and your employees with our hands-on assistance.


Is Sage Intacct Right for my Business?

Whether you’re a current Xero customer or someone deciding between multiple cloud ERP platforms, making a final decision can be extremely difficult. We completely understand that making change or using something new is never easy – heck we went through it ourselves! If you’re ready to make the switch right now, or you still have a few lingering questions, we’re here to help you start the process.

But maybe you’re comfortable with your old solution, you’re questioning whether you have the resources, and even when people show you numerous reasons why you should choose one solution over another, you still have a lingering feeling of doubt. Not to worry, the answer is simple – sign up for a 30 day Intacct trial and see for yourself.  Best part, there’s no risk, no obligation, no credit card required – you get to test drive before you buy.


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