Businesses who have outgrown QuickBooks and are searching for new software may stumble upon Xero, another cloud financial management solution. The truth is, Xero is essentially an alternative to QuickBooks, and if your company has already outgrown QuickBooks, it likely has outgrown Xero as well. Sage Intacct is a direct upgrade from both, providing granular customization for your business’s individual requirements. Watch on to learn how Sage Intacct could be the best solution for your needs.



The Ideal Solution for Growing Businesses

As your company expands and requires a more advanced solution, having one that already has the functionality built-in makes for seamless transitions. Smaller solutions like Xero have limited functionality, like security controls that are based solely on a user’s role, not on a custom dollar amount for approval. Sage Intacct allows users to create new reports and customize existing ones for greater visibility, versus only being able to add text footnotes and summaries.

Like James said, the importance of phone support cannot be overstated.  Xero simply provides a knowledge base, community, and email support and will only call you if they deem it necessary. When it comes to your company’s finances, especially at the end of the month when trying to close your books, wouldn’t you rather pick up the phone to get the help you need, when you need it? And as an added bonus, when you partner with a Value Added Reseller (like SNQ!), you have instant access to help for anything you don’t understand.


The G2 Crowd Says it All

The G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer platform that allows users to rate and review business solutions, compiled a report from more than 1,700 user reviews by business and finance professionals in Fall of 2017, found Sage Intacct the highest in customer satisfaction out of all reviewed mid-market solutions. Not only did they outperform Xero in that category (97 vs. 85), they are ahead overall (78 vs. 71).

Users also reported that with Xero they have to rely on Microsoft Excel or marketplace partners for reporting, and there are multiple steps to import that data into Xero. Sage Intacct has everything your business needs for accounting and reporting right out of the box, like contracts, project accounting, and inventory, so you can go beyond the core accounting needs when you’re ready.


Is Sage Intacct Right for my Business?

Whether you’re a current Xero customer or someone deciding between multiple cloud ERP platforms, making a final decision can be extremely difficult. We completely understand that making change or using something new is never easy – heck we went through it ourselves! If you’re ready to make the switch right now, or you still have a few lingering questions, we’re here to help you start the process.

But maybe you’re comfortable with your old solution, you’re questioning whether you have the resources, and even when people show you numerous reasons why you should choose one solution over another, you still have a lingering feeling of doubt. Not to worry, the answer is simple – sign up for a 30 day Intacct trial and see for yourself.  Best part, there’s no risk, no obligation, no credit card required – you get to test drive before you buy.


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