If your existing financial management software is struggling to keep up with your business growth, or simply isn’t evolving with new technology, you’re probably in the market for a new solution. Sage Intacct is not only the best-in-class solution for cloud ERP software, but also holds the distinction of being the only solution certified by the AICPA. Curious to know how it could help your business? James and Sarah are ready to break it down for you in this week’s video.


Immediate ROI is in the Intangibles

The number one reason to consider replacing an existing platform like Abila is the ROI, particularly when facing potential costs associated with making such a move. With Sage Intacct, the immediate ROI is also why it is rated the best-in-class solution for cloud ERP software: the intangibles.

The supportability and ease of integration with other applications alone makes Sage Intacct an obvious choice for companies who crave flexibility. Its cloud-based nature means no lengthy installations or configuration and compatibility issues because all updates are delivered via the cloud. Sage Intacct essentially evolves with technology as your business grows, versus older platforms which require costly onsite upgrades that often require a weekend of work from your IT team.


Best-in-Class Solution for Outgrowing an Aging Platform

Sage Intacct is also the only cloud ERP software to hold the AICPA certification, while some platforms have gone decades (32 years and counting!) without receiving such a recommendation. One of the many benefits of being a cloud-based platform is the ability to grow and evolve with new technology through quarterly updates. You also get peace of mind knowing you have incredible security watching over your account (learn more about that here) with all your data automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere at any time.


Salesforce + Sage Intacct = Operational Harmony

The best-in-class ERP software also integrates seamlessly with the number one CRM solution, Salesforce, to bring your company complete organizational transparency. With Sage Intacct, your finance department is able to support operation functions while assimilating into other departments like sales, client management, and marketing efforts. The result? You have a complete picture of your data from all angles so every department knows where it stands. Sage Intacct is also able to integrate easily with a wide variety of CRMs and applications to conveniently merge all aspects of your company, and we are happy to help you decide which platforms will work best for your situation.


Is Sage Intacct Right for my Business?

Whether you’re a current Abila customer or someone deciding between multiple cloud ERP platforms, making a final decision can be extremely difficult. We completely understand that making change or using something new is never easy – heck we went through it ourselves! If you’re ready to make the switch right now, or you still have a few lingering questions, we’re here to help you start the process.

But maybe you’re comfortable with your old solution, you’re questioning whether you have the resources, and even when people show you numerous reasons why you should choose one solution over another, you still have a lingering feeling of doubt. Not to worry, the answer is simple – sign up for a 30 day Intacct trial and see for yourself.  Best part, there’s no risk, no obligation, no credit card required – you get to test drive before you buy.


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